PDF Reverence (Southwestern Shifters, #6): PDF

by Bailey Bradford

Harley was thrust into the realm of the supernatural at the hands of a sadistic shifter, and his world will never be the same.

Harley’s one-night stand turned into a nightmare when a vengeance-seeking shifter kidnapped him to use Harley as a pawn. Things didn’t go so well for his abductor, or for Harley. He’d never have believed there were werewolves...shifters, rather, in the real world. After being freed, his mind is a mess and he doesn’t know how to cope with the things he’s experienced. Fear and anger are powerful emotions, and when they are out of control, the harm caused can scare one’s soul.

Val Whitley only ever had one goal in life—to serve in Marcus Criswell’s guard. Val had looked up to Alpha Anax Criswell for a long time and was honoured to serve him. When an accident alters Val’s life, possibly forever, he fears he’ll be of little or no use to his Alpha Anax. What good is a physically damaged shifter, especially one as messed up as he is?

When Val is sent out on an order from Alpha Anax Criswell, he thinks he’s being pawned off since he’s blind in one eye and is less than any other shifter. He doesn’t expect to find a strength he never knew he had, or the love of a destined mate...

Reader Advisory: This book makes reference to assault, physical and threatened sexual in the past.

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PDF Reverence (Southwestern Shifters, #6)

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