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by Henry Pelling

Excellent one-volume biography. Gives a real sense of Churchill as a person, beyond the historical caricatures. Gives enough background for the reader to be able to follow the context of the historical events he is involved in, without drowning in detail. The one big gap for me, was the failure to properly investigate the source of Churchill's livid hostility to "socialism" - a matter of some historical interest given the way it shaped his view of the world and his decision-making. The gap is especially glaring because the book makes it clear that Churchill was emotionally sensitive to the suffering and difficult circumstances of ordinary people, quite sympathetic to such things as trade unionism, un-afraid of a strong role for the state in society and economy, and advocated and worked for some substantial pieces of social legislation that helped form the basis of what would later become the 'welfare-state' in Britain. I have developed some theories of my own, but I'd've liked to see the question tackled by the author.

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