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by Robert Munsch

This might be my favorite Robert Munsch book to read aloud to my children.

Although still rather formulaic in it's style (not a bad thing, mind you), the 'outrageous' activity in this book actually seems possible, which is what makes my children (and myself) laugh out loud.In Andrew's Loose Tooth, the tooth fairy rides a motorcycle and they stick pepper up the child's nose to make him sneeze his tooth all the way across town.Funny but implausible.In Zoom!, a girl rides a wheelchair that has 92 gears and she gets pulled over for speeding.Funny but not likely.In THIS book, however, children COULD potentially wear each others' clothes.In fact many children could have seen classmates exchanging sweaters of jackets or something.

Add to this that the children are only doing what the teacher tells them to do (by taking it to an extreme), and it is exceptionally funny.

A highly recommended book.

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