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by Georgette Heyer

Loved it plain and simple!

Captain John (Jack) Staple has had enough of his dull cousin and insipid fiancée, so he skips out of the engagement party and trots off to his friend Mr. Babblecombe's hunt. Only, he doesn't quite make it that far. In the pouring rain and crackling thunder he comes upon a Toll-Gate, an unattained Toll-Gate. That is, it's attended, but by a little urchin named Ben,whose father is missing and who is deathly afraid of someone.

Ever the adventurer, Captain Staple rises to the occasion and becomes the temporary gatekeeper, and falls smack, dab in love, with Miss Nell Stornaway, called by her grandfather's tenants "The Squire". Now he stays on to win her hand, only to become deeply embroiled in a sticky scheme full of murders, thievery, a highwayman whose heart isn't in his trade and shocking discoveries that take him into the heart of the hills… and into disaster.

(Iris Cave – Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza, Spain)

But that isn't the end, it's the beginning. Those wet, chilly caves have been holding a secret, and they won't let it go without a fight. Neither will the men who put it there.

And perhaps the highwayman Jerry Chirk isn't all he seems, maybe, just maybe he will be the one to unlock the secret of the caves, and avert disaster. Or, could it be Miss Stornaway's truant of a grandfather will be the one who twists everyone around his little finger, making sure that Captain Staple does as he promises and that Nell does what's best for her? Who can be trusted, and who will turn informer?

It's in the caves where Jack finds out, and it's in the caves where he finds the most stunning find… a most hideous crime.

(Cheddar Gorgefound within the Cheddar Caves of England)

Jerry Chirk just wants to get out of this damp nightmare, and if it weren't for one certain person on earth he would run for his life and continue stealing, but he can't let that someone down. So he stays just long enough to yank Captain Staple out of the quagmire and deeper into the caves. Everything comes down to those caves, they either break a man, or make a man, there is no in between. And Captain Staple is about to find out just how cold an underground river can get.

(~Italian Caverns~)

The entire time I was reading this I gripped the pages till they nearly tore, eagerly scanning each page, speed reading to find out what would happen next. I love how Heyer did this book, it's one of my favorites of her Regencies. There's no balls, not dancing none of the usual Regency plot at all in fact! But there is suspense, and a surprising ending. I truly didn't think it would end how it did. (I'm glad it ended the way it did though) What made this five stars was that I liked every character. No, they weren't all likable, but they were all interesting; none of them irritated me.

Captain John Staple was similar to Gabriel Oak inFar from the Madding Crowd and John Ridd from Lorna Doone. A sort of mix between the two but with a military background. Also, Jerry Chirk is a lot like the highwayman in Lorna Doone. (Which, I liked even if he is "bad")

Miss Nell Stornaway is independent, headstrong and completely likable. She and Jack are unusual, they are both horribly tall for other people's tastes, but perfect for each other. She was a bitlike the heroine from Eye of the Wind, they are both tall, capable ladies who have their own ideas on how young ladies should behave. And both fall for men seemingly far below themselves.

The flavor of this book is similar to Georgette Heyer's The Reluctant Widow, I'm not going to say why as it'd give everything away, but if you liked that one, I'd try this. (The Toll-Gate is better IMO)

PG for some violence, shooting which incidentally cracks several stalactites, and kills a person. Mild swearing to none existent. No talk of mistresses as in other Heyer's

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