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by Spencer W. Kimball

I feel funny giving a rating to a nonfiction religious book written by a prophet of God, so I opted not to. Still, I wanted to add this one since I finished it today. The book is a combination of two talks— one written to a couple preparing to be married the next day and the other a discourse on marriage and divorce. Lots of good food for thought. I love how Pres. Kimball is very straightforward about issues regarding marriage, children, relationships, careers, and such. I'm pretty sure plenty of people would get up in arms about some of his teachings in the book because of that straightforward approach, but I found it kind of refreshing. Beating around the bush takes so much work.

One funny part that has made me chuckle ever since was his counsel for newly married couples to avoid moving in with either set of parents for the sake of economizing. After sharing that many marriages have been broken up by well-intentioned relatives, he then remarked that it would be much wiser for the new couple to get their own humble place... even if that meant living in a TENT!

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