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by James Hartley


Tagsfantasy, paranormal, witches, warlocks, wands, purse of Fortunatus, spells, Sidhe

Legend tells of Fortunatus, who had a magical purse, a never-empty purse; if gold was spent from it, the purse would refill itself. Now, somehow, this "never-empty" property had been magically bestowed upon two small wooden cabinets which hung on the wall of the antique shop where Peggy Cassidy had been working since she was expelled from college for cheating. It was only when a customer attempted to defraud the store on the price of one of these cabinets by using magic that Peggy's aunt revealed to her that she—Peggy—was a witch, and set Peggy to work learning her craft.

A gunman attempted to steal the other Fortunatus cabinet, and a gun battle with a police officer took place, seriously wounding the officer. Peggy saved the policeman's life with her rapidly developing magic skills, and then fell in love with him. When it was discovered that the gunman had been a warlock, Peggy, her aunt, and the local coven had to band together and declare war on the warlocks, in order to solve the puzzle of the Fortunatus cabinets.

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