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by Walter J. Boyne

From various wars spanning two centuries to examinations of how our country's modern armed forces are coping with new threats that are more dangerous than anything they've faced before, these articles represent the best of the best; incisive, thoughtful, and probing opinions and information, written by the people who have lived and breathed the various topics and civilians who have made it a lifelong endeavor to study our nation's military. Contributors include New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming, former Army War College professor and author Martin Blumenson, Gulf War veteran and chief of military history at the Center of Military History Brigadier General John S. Brown, and Commander Stephen Flynn of the US Coast Guard, the nation's leading expert on port and container security. Article subjects in this volume include:
*Smart weapons and hi-tech wars to come
*The role of United States Army Chaplains tending to German War Criminals during the Nuremberg Trials.
*A chillingly logical hypothesis that could be the next step in terrorism—mating cruise missiles with biological warfare.
*And much more

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