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by Phillip Mann

Many centuries in the future, the Nightingale embarks on a noble mission. The most advanced starship of the Gentle Order of St. Francis Dionysos - a benevolent religious sect which, alone, retains the ability to journey between worlds - the awesome craft must transport home hundreds of alien refugees who were flung to all corners of the universe by the devastating War of Ignorance. And in command is the Gentle Order's most admired and capable pilot - Senior Confrere Jon Wilberfoss. Then suddenly, inexplicably, the Nightingale vanishes. For a full year there are no clues to its whereabouts. Until finally a distress signal is heard - and the great ship is discovered in ruins, completely devoid of life save for its captain, left nearly comatose by guilt and self-loathing...and damned as a heinous murderer by the masters of his Order. WULFSYARN is the extraordinary story of the final, fateful voyage of the Nightingale and of the life, torment and ultimate redemption of Jon Wilberfoss - a complex, enigmatic and fatally flawed man of principle responsible for the gargantuan mercy ship...and the inevitable destruction of its crew and alien passengers. It is a brilliant mosaic of bizarre life forms in a vast and incomprehensible universe, of a future both radiant and terrible...and of the glorious frailties of the imperfect human animal - related in stunning detail by an intelligent and sympathetic machine skilled in the craft of words and images: the autoscribe called Wulf.

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