PDF And Miss Carter Wore Pink: PDF

by Helen Bradley

This book is a little treasure. So many things I love about it.

1. Helen is a darling - look at this woman!

2. Her motivation - to show her grandchildren what life was like for her.

3. She started painting at the age of 65!

4. I love memoirs anyway.

5. The paintings are really good - in the "Grandma Moses" vein - folk/naive art. I especially love the bird's-eye point-of-view the paintings have.

6. The text is short and sweet - the pictures tell a much bigger story, and leave me wanting more.

7. The title adds that perfect touch of charm and mystery - what was Miss Carter all about? And why the pink dress? Now I have to read the next book!

The book is available on Open Library, so it's easily accessible although the text and pictures were cut short in the scanning process, and I had to fill in the blanks a little, which was irritating. My e-reader screen is small, too, so not as impressive as the physical book would be, I know. However! A rare book! Not in my local libraries, so I'm thankful for OL.

Highly recommended for any art-and-memoir-loving individual.

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