PDF Hypnotic Journey Trilogy (Hypnotic Journey #1-3): PDF

by Alaina Stanford

Wouldn't it be cool to suddenly have the battle skills of a seasoned warrior? Wouldn't that be even better if the battles felt real but there was no physical risk to you? Wouldn't it be perfect if the hypnotist in charge of your session was not insanely evil and using you as a weapon in a plot for revenge?

Four friends, two in love, two in hate enter into a Group Hypnosis study attempting to introduce fantasy adventures to small groups. They are promised a video game type of adventure rescuing an Elf Queen from her crystal prision as elf warriors, a sorceress and a fairy. As soon as they fall under the good doctors spell they begin to realize the adventure is more real than they could have ever imagined.

Dr. Strong introduces the soon to be adventurers to an equipment-filled gym inside an archaic old hotel. Undaunted by their meager surroundings the friends listen anxiously as Dr Strong explains, “The wall of netting might become a series of vines or perhaps the side of a rock cliff. The weight machine will serve as stimulus if you are required to lift or push a heavy object. The stair climber will act as a tree, fortress wall or perhaps a rock incline you must scale.” He then offers the adventurers a mild sedative to aid in their simultaneous entry into hypnosis. But instead of experiencing an action packed fantasy quest to rescue the Elf Queen from her crystal prison inside the Cave of Sorrows; they find themselves trapped in a deadly world of elves and monsters that is more real than they could ever imagine. Where a cry for help is left unheard...

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  • Hypnotic Journey Trilogy (Hypnotic Journey #1-3): PDF
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PDF Hypnotic Journey Trilogy (Hypnotic Journey #1-3)

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