PDF Seven Crows (Seven Crows, #1): PDF

by Justin Killam

One crow for sorrow,
Two crows for joy,
Three crows a girl,
Four crows a boy,
Five crows for silver,
Six crows for gold,
Seven crows a story,
Never to be told.
– anonymous folk poem

Seven orphan children;
Bron: poor child of sorrow and resolve in the face of a town of bullies. Mab: capricious child of boundless mirth, and fierce protectiveness. Kendra: young girl struggling to find herself in the whirlwind of an exclusive school. Akeem: a reader of what should not be, withdrawn and scheming. Onshuuko: a student of perfection and tradition, haunted by demons. Nathaniel: a “good” boy, struggling with his own power and just trying to remain good. Unknown: perhaps the biggest mystery, will this story ever be uncovered?

Bound together by fate and a mysterious friend that only they can see, these seven have been separated ever since the incident that left their orphanage in ruins. Years later, something powerful and frightening begins to awaken within them, darkness stirs around them, and they are propelled out into the world to find each other once again. This is only the beginning...

Bound by fate,
Seven Crows awaken
to power and tragedy.

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