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by Raymond Buckland

I have read a few books on Wicca and have enjoyed this the most. Buckland is considered one of the best writers concerning American Wicca and is certainly the most popular. Having written probably a dozen books, I would choose this one because it is aimed at the individual, emphasizing practices that can be employed without a coven or a president initiator.

Anyone interested in WHAT wicca is, in simple terms and practices, would enjoy this book. Much more so than the Wicca mainstay "Wicca Today", by Gerald Gardner. Where Gardner leaves you asking more questions, Buckland answers some and provides some interim levity - as can be found through practice - while your curiosity takes you futher in your exploration.

Lastly - if you think a spell has been cast on you, this book is a MUST. It will provide you with the information you need to fight back. In some cases however you will learn that fighting back comes at a price you might not want to pay. Kind of a, "Cure the disease by killing the patient," sort of thing.

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