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by M.L. Gardner

In the year 2075, freedom isn’t a God-given right. It’s a distant memory. After illness decimates the world’s population, those left are manipulated into a new regime.

Nicholi struggles with the pressures of his destiny as a third generation rebel and the new leader of the village his grandfather founded sixty years ago. He continues his grandfather’s legacy, training and building a resistance to the tyrannical city, all within the confines of a secret village hidden deep in the Sayan Mountains...but maybe it’s not so secret after all...Nicholi’s duties as village leader continue to rankle his jealous younger brother, Anton, who’s reckless behavior and selfish ways create tension within the village. And when Quinn, the latest recruit smuggled from the city arrives, she becomes a curiosity and distraction for Nicholi, igniting a passion for something other than war.

After learning his grandfather's true motives, Nicholi must choose his own destiny and either accelerate plans to attack or break away and forge his own personal revolution.

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