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by William F. Cody

If you ever felt like a coward or less than what you are, maybe less than a human being at one point, then there might be something here for you, I mean life plagues, guilt does to even guilt for the little things.These poems are very personal and somewhat confessional, some might even say esoteric but maybe not do esoteric though.It is with deep hope that these poems transcend into the universal and when you feel you are at your lowest point in life there was somebody or there is somebody right there with you, maybe even lower and you could do something with it.These points in our life give up meaning for the best or the worst of us, they give us a story and a higher hope and power to look up to, whether you say so or not after you have fallen down you have to look up and talk to someone or something in whatever tone you choose and that is what these poems do.They use God as a starting point as a reference to a being but to you it may be someone or something else and they are entitle Psalm because they are a cry out like King David from the Bible did that is why the word somewhat esoteric is used.

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