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by Victor Pemberton

One thing I have learned with re-reading the Doctor Who books, when an author in the Target range is able to novelize a story in a word count that matches the numbers of episodes, it turns out good. This holds true with Fury from the Deep.

This 6 part episode is worthy of being a 'bumper' story from Target.Victor Pembertontakes full advantage of the extended word count to bring this story alive, and go beyond the usual Target story.

Here you have a more in depth story that adds dimension to the characters. We see more of what is motivating the characters. Again, as with the recent 2nd Doctor stories, you see what build Victoria up to leave at the end of this story. Also, the relation between the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria is given depth.

The downside to this story, and why it is not give a full 5 stars, is the plot and type of characters. This is dropped because it has been seen before. The base under siege plot is used again. We see the leader, Robinson, thinking he knows what is right and that the others are wrong. You have the second in command, not wanting to take over, but is torn.

Though for the weed creatures, it is different and unique for the enemy. Something that we have not seen before, living plants. From reading this story it would have been great to see how it was shown, but alas one of the lost stories.

Overall, it is better than most Target books. I would have enjoyed it more, if it had not felt repetitive in the plot.

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