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by Peter Long

"Chinese Fairy Fables" is a literary style that the ancient Chinese people created from the course of working life over a long period of social practice. It is the childish commentary by fantasy of human childhood for cosmos, human origins, the natural world, life exploration, tribal wars, working life. Chinese Fairy Tables demonstrated simple, honest, beautiful artistic imagination that reflects the Yearning and Pursuit for a better life by the ancient Chinese. Chinese Fairy Fables are popular in civil, and its magical and magnificent reflects the endless artistic charm. Chinese Fairy Fables has accumulated rich cultural heritage. It praises the people creation of the hard work and wisdom, such as "Fuxi Lumbering for Making Violin", "ShenNong testing hundreds of herbs", "Tunnel people making a fire by drilling wood", "HouJi Teaching the Grain". It praises the tenacious spirit of self-sacrifice, such as "Houyi and the nine suns", "a mythical bird Jingwei trying to fill up the Sea with pebbles", "Gun Stealing superpower sand to manage flood", "MangYe Seeking Millet", "LiGa apart Heaven from Earth".

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