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"Madonna NYC 83" celebrates a moment in early 1980s New York that has been much reappraised in recent years for its fecund interactions between the worlds of fashion, art and music. This economically fragile period gave rise to a vital restlessness in the city, spawning adventurous personal styles and music that merged rap, funk, punk and pop. Madonna represented this sensibility like no-one else. As this book makes amply clear, from the start she was determined to define a look for herself, and to carve out a space in the public imagination. Richard Corman met Madonna by chance in 1983 and created a collection of images that constitute a multifaceted portrait of the young singer. This publication is a limited edition of 50 copies, and includes an original signed and numbered print of the image "Cinderella," that comes in a separate envelope within the slipcase.

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