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by Patricia McDonnell

This is the second Mutts collection since cartoonist Patrick McDonnell launched the strip in 1994. Thanks to the clever antics of Earl the clog and Mooch the cat, McDonnell's first volume, last year's simply titled Mutts, was a best-seller. This most recent book is certain to fetch the same impressive sales.Mutts revolves around the little pooch Earl's utter devotion to his Ozzie, "the guy who feeds me, gives me treats, rubs my belly, takes me for rides", and his unlikely friendship with Mooch, the funny-talking, always curious cat who lives next door. Friends for life, Earl and Mooch make everyone who loves animals nod their heads in total and absolute recognition.

As seen from their "fuzzy" point of view, Earl and Mooch go happily out to explore the world. Along with Shtinky, the little lost kitty, Sid the bowl-bound fish, Crabby and Lollipop, the cantankerous crustacean couple, and, of course, the "Peoples", their humorous adventures find an honored place on the refrigerators of devoted readers (who share their home with furry, feathered, and/or finned friends).

But Mutts covers much more than creature cuteness. Although Earl and Mooch most certainly inspire chuckles, many of the strip's gags also have a subtly thoughtful bent. Mutts is a strip that's meant to be enjoyed on more than one level and it always delivers. "I purr, therefore I am", says Mooch in mid-catnap. Nap time to playtime, Earl and Mooch approach life with an all-too-familiar animal gusto.

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