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by Luca Bosurgi

This is a book about Luca Bosurgi's work and the Bosurgi Syndrome, the adult codependency. In this compelling novel of love and mind's struggles, Liam is trying to find meaning in his life - he feels caught in an endless cycle where depression and alcohol are holding him back and creating despair. When he meets Luca Bosurgi he learns the cause of his miseries - the instinctual habit which has kept him from taking control over his life. Liam learns how codependency, the natural response that keeps children bonded to their parents, can become a crippling condition if is not terminated at puberty, preventing one to take charge over their life. As Liam discovers how to overcome his condition he claims sovereignty over his life ending the cycle of depression and addiction. This book, The Mind Shaman, is especially relevant for a modern society where so many young people are unable to reach emotional, financial and physical independence.

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