PDF Blast Off With Doodle Tom: PDF

by Elise Gravel

Cartoon-style boy-astronaut Doodle Tom and his sidekick Astrocat take kids on a doodle odyssey through space. Offers over 40 space-related topics, with each spread or double spread featuring info on that topic (i.e. planets, things in space, space travel, ETs, technology, etc.) and a related drawing activity. The space info is mostly factual and written in a kid-friendly manner; the drawing activities are more whimsical, though they do reference the topic in some respect. For example, kids are inspired to draw faces on moons, or the tail of a comet, or what a Martian might look like. The pages contain partially drawn figures and compositions to help kids get started, with plenty of room for them to invent their own drawings. Two pages of stickers add to the creative possibilities.

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PDF Blast Off With Doodle Tom

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