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by Rómulo Gallegos

Rómulo Gallegos Freire was a Venezuelan teacher, novelist and politician. For a period of some nine months during 1948, he was the first cleanly elected president in his country's history.

But it was not as a teacher nor a political leader that Gallegos was to achieve greatest fame.

He was best known for his forceful novels that dramatize the overpowering natural aspects of the Venezuelan Llanos (grasslands), the local folklore, and such social events as alligator hunts.

After publishing Reinaldo Solar, his first novel in 1921, when he was 37 and five years later his second work, La Trepadora, Gallegos published his most renowned work entitled Doña Bárbara in 1929. Gallegos won then international reputation as one of the leading novelists in Latin American literature with this portrait of a ruthless female boss of a hacienda, describing therefor the typical character of the Venezuelan interior.

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