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by Gene Ammarell

Wonderfully detailed ethnographic study of local navigation as practiced by the people of a tiny island village in the Flores Sea. What are their conceptual models of the tides, which stars do they use and how do they use them, how are they taught. It includes a carefully hand-drawn map of the island, which is about a mile long; the fact that there are three old and frail donkeys who live there and are "quite incapable of making much of a dent in the local weed population"; and the author's personal stories of what happened on his voyages over the course of the year and a half he lived with them. "It is, in addition, considered auspicious to complete rituals just before twilight, the time when malevolent spirits begin to move about."

This was recommended to me by James Scott in Seeing Like a State, as a classic showcase of métis or improvisatory knowledge that's hard to extract from its local, context-dependent roots. Intelligence that resists mechanization.

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