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by James Finley

James Finley shares his unique insight into Merton's spirituality. As a young man, Finley spent time with Merton at the Abbey of Gethsemane and began to learn the basics of monastic spirituality. He shares this first-hand knowledge of Merton's spiritual world-view by highlighting one of Merton's fundamental teachings about the spiritual life:the abandonment of the false self and the acceptance of the true self. The latter, as Finley points out in Merton's writings, is the development of Christo-centric grace in the self, transforming the individual to become more like Christ in all things. There are many other great insights into Merton's spirituality highlighted in this book. If you have an interest in Thomas Merton's spirituality, this book would be a great resource as you read Merton's writings.

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PDF Merton's Palace of Nowhere

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