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by P.G. Wodehouse

Undoubtedly the worst Wodehouse I have ever read. It's late work, but I don't think that's the problem - I believe Aunts Aren't Gentleman was his last completed novel and, whilst not his best, nor was it dire. It does mean that there are some attempts at modern references, which were never his forte - characters include an evil hypnotist and a CND protestor (an aristocratic dilettante one, at least), there are jokes about bigamy and Beatles. But even beyond that, there are sentences which don't sing, jokes where the construction is off. It doesn't help that, between stories, we have excerpts from Wodehouse's allegedly humorous newspaper column about events of the day, a form which seldom comes across well decades on (see also: Peter Cook). But the greatest stinker is the story which (apart from some verse, of which we shall say no more) closes the collection. Taking up almost a quarter of the page-count, it's a solo outing for Freddie Threepwood who, rather than the prize idiot of the Blandings stories, appears to be developing into a younger, less entertaining version of his uncle Galahad. And I do not, dash it all, read Wodehouse to see characters develop!

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