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by S.M. Scarpa

AForest of Dreams:A Dictionary of Dream Meanings is a collection of over 3000 subjects commonly appearing in nightly dreams. Each subject is given several cross cultural interpretations that will help you search for the significance of your nightly dreams.Having more than one reference for each will give a better sense of the sense of your own brain’s message.

The dictionary is arranged in an easy to use alphabetical format, with suggestions for further subjects to follow for your own dream meanings. A number is assigned to each subject that many people use for that day’s useful traditional “Lucky Number.”

Everybody dreams. Every night. Studies show there are a minimum of three dreams and possibly nine or more dreams parading through our brain each night. Many people believe dreams are messages from another world. There are traditional interpretations of repeating dream symbols that have root in our oldest memories. The science of psychotherapy recognizes that dreams are a window to our inner hidden self. Remembering and using dreams is a way of gaining more control over our life.A Forest of Dreams:A Dictionary of Dream Meanings will help you find a path through your own forest of dreams.

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