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by Gyurme Dorje

This extraordinary publication represents a landmark in both Tibetan studies and the art of bookmaking. It presents for the first time two magnificent 18-century manuscripts illuminating in exquisite detail little-known practices of elemental divination as described in The White Beryl — an important 17-century treatise written by Sangs-rgyas rGya-mtsho (1653-1705), regent to the Fifth Dalai Lama. The manuscripts depict the zodiac of Indian astrology, the cakra diagrams of martial conquest, and the elaborate charts of Chinese elemental divination. Accompanying the images is a detailed summary of the White Beryl text, an extensive commentary, and the first English translation of a related text known as Moonbeams. Meticulously researched and produced to the highest standard, this book will be of immense interest not only to Tibetan scholars but to all those fascinated by Oriental art, religions and astrology. This monumental book comes beautifully bound in a large box case. It will provide a magnificent addition to any collector's library.

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