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by Benjamin Zephaniah

This collection of poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah takes us on a journey through countries and cultures, celebrating the differences between us and yet showing our similarities. The poet teaches us about the oldest cultures, such as the native Americans in the poems "Before all these cities", "We are the Cherokee" and "Whosland" and the newer cultures and their difficulties, in poems such as "In the Mountains of Tibet" and "We Refugees". The poet brings all of these cultures together in the poem "The British" which is written in the form of a recipe, the ingredients being all of the cultures and ethnicities that make up the melting pot of Great Britain.
The author introduces all these cultures in a way that leaves the reader in no doubt that no race is greater than another and that there should be equality and social justice for all. This is evident in poems such as "Who are we?" and "Be cool mankind". On a couple of occasions the poet departs from the world tour and provides a couple of other poems which although they are not about different cultures still express the differences we have as human beings, for example "The Vegans" and "Children of the sewers".
I enjoyed "Wicked World" very much and really felt that Zephaniah brought world cultures to life in a very exciting way that children will easily understand and enjoy.
The illustrations in this edition definitely added to my enjoyment of this collection and helped me imagine what the poet wanted to get across.
I think as a whole this collection would be suitable for children aged ten plus as some of the themes, cultures and issues surrounding these poems may be too complicated for younger children. However there a couple of poems in the collection which may appeal to children a little younger such as "Who are we? ", "A big welcome" and "Confessions of a runner ".
As a tool this collection can be used in the classroom to teach the children about all the different and diverse ethnicities and the wonderful things that each culture can teach us. It can be used to encourage tolerance and inclusion in the classroom environment and beyond. It can also be used to enhance the children's knowledge of geography and history as there are poems which touch on historical eras such as "The Celts", "A mystery from history" and "Glorious Losers". It could also be used to encourage the children to discover more about their own ethnic backgrounds by inviting them to create poems, stories or pictures about their own family trees.

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