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by Michael Moore

I'm a pretty huge social liberal.Maybe it's because I've been in law school too long, but I need facts.This book is garbage.It lacks citations and simply anecdotal.Want to know how Moore proves his point that there is a water shortage?Because he was at a chic party and heard a rich person talking about taking their yacht out on the reservoir.Want to know why black people kill each other in inner cities?Because white people buy guns...people steal those guns...and those guns are sold to black people.See?It's a racist conspiracy!There is no data here, just conjecture.

i lost all respect for this guy after seeing him speak in LA.He cited a NY Times article to prove a point.I went and did the research and the article actually DISproved his point.I emailed him to let him know of this little fact and never got a response.Next thing you know he was citing the article with a different date to prove his totally wrong point.

The stupid white man here is Moore.He undermines the liberal ideologies the way Rush or Bill O undermine the conservative ideologies.

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