PDF The Cat Dancers (Cam Richter, #1): PDF

by P.T. Deutermann

Dangling silently in front of a cave eighty feet down the cliff's edge, the man snaps a picture of the enraged mountain lion. The furious beast lunges...but the man is gone, back up the rope.
When a judge releases two unrepentant killers on a legal technicality, North Carolina police Lieutenant Cam Richter knows facing the victims' grieving families is going to be tough. But when Killer #1 turns up on the Internet riding a homemade electric chair?followed a few days later by Killer #2?Cam thinks despair may have turned to vigilante justice.
But it doesn't add up, especially when Cam becomes a target. It looks like these vigilantes may also be cops, and he's quickly running out of people to trust. The answers lie deep in the North Carolina wilderness, where Cam must track down this mysterious group of adrenaline-driven "Cat Dancers"—and risk losing everything he has left…

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  • The Cat Dancers (Cam Richter, #1): PDF
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PDF The Cat Dancers (Cam Richter, #1)

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