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by Rick Wayne

I've dissected a cadaver and written a novel simultaneously (but not at the same time). I'm tattooed. I've jumped out of a plane, swam naked in the Mediterranean, and chipped pieces off the Berlin Wall. I've hired and fired, married and divorced. I've had camera equipment confiscated in the jungles of Central America. I've eaten bushmeat, spider, and silkworm larva (to name a few). I've even felt the blast of a terrorist's bomb. Not awesome.

Now I write books for people who love movies.

Fast-paced and lurid, my fiction blends mystery, horror, adventure, and sci-fi. Some of it is also pretty messed up.

You can check out more on my website: RickWayne.com

You can find free stories, soundtracks to my books, galleries of pulp and contemporary art, oddities, and more.

Thanks for stopping by.

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