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by David Goudsward

"Horror Guide to Massachusetts" is a map to geographical locations, real and fictional, utilized in horror tales set in New England. It is hard to say which is more disquieting, terror amidst staid Yankees in a familiar setting or horror in obscure, forgotten corners of the Commonwealth. Both have their uses as weapons in the battle to scare you out of your wits.
ADVANCED PRAISE FOR "Horror Guide to Massachusetts"

"This is a unique and ingenious way of highlighting Massachusetts towns referenced in horror books, stories, TV and movies. Want to know if your town or region is featured in a published novel or television show? Check out this reference book out by the Brothers Goudsward. With a quick description of settings and their context in each story, this no-frills reference is packed with hundreds of scenes from all aspects of the genre, with indices that allow the reader to zero-in on any locale. I've never heard of any other work that has so completely done this, nor have I heard of many of the works mentioned inside. Without this guide, I never would have. Highly recommend it."
Daniel G. Keohane, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of "Solomon's Grave" and "Margaret's Ark"
"We need more eccentric guides like this from the Goudsward Brothers! Give them a turn at the steering wheel and you won't be disappointed. From horror flick locations to the horrific Dover Demon's stomping ground, join them on a creepy journey around the Bay State!"
Loren Coleman, Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, and author of "Monsters of Massachusetts" and 30 other books
""Horror Guide to Massachusetts" is intensely awesome, especially for an antique Lovecraftian such as myself. As edifying as it is entertaining, this wonderful book is not only a guide to those spectral spots, historical or mythical, in Massachusetts, but serves also as a guide to a multitude of horror films, weird fiction, &c. As one who has been haunted by these places of dark hoary history, this book inspires eerie dreams and fond enchanting memories."
W. H. Pugmire, critically acclaimed prose poet and author
"A well-crafted book full of marvelous details! It's an insightful compilation that's both accurate and entertaining. I'm thrilled to see two of my Massachusetts horror films included here."
Brinke Stevens, actress, director, producer, writer, legendary Scream Queen
"A ghoulishly delightful tour through the darkest haunted corners of Massachusetts. You'll learn a lot - and find some great new reads in the process! Don't miss it."
Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of "Sparrow Rock, Diablo: The Order," and "Day One"

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