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by Richard A. Ball

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The Fourth Edition of this highly successful text moves readers beyond often-mistaken common-sense understandings of crime by providing a rich introduction to how major scholars analyze crime. Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences, Fourth Edition shows the real-world relevance of theory by illuminating how ideas about crime play a prominent role in shaping crime-control policies and compelling students to apply theories to the contemporary milieu.

New to the Fourth Edition"Freshens and revitalizes criminological theory" Expanding on the ideas presented in previous editions, every chapter has been updated with the most recent developments. Without diminishing the presentation of classical analysis, this edition revisits the context of society in the development of criminology and how the nature of the times affects which theories arise and become popular"Updates current policy and theorizes on possible policy implications for the future" With five new chapters, this edition provides the most comprehensive coverage of diverse criminological theories published to date. The range of theoretical and empirical updates covers mainstream criminology; critical criminology, including a separate chapter on feminist perspectives; and conservative criminology. The book also examines future policy implications brought about by recent theory"Allows students to be up-to-date on emerging paradigms" The book covers newer theories that explore human development and crime, including biosocial and life-course theories. This edition includes new chapter opening photos to enhance student understanding at the beginning of chapters and judiciously uses tables and grids to help students compare theory

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Intended Audience

This is an excellent core textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying criminological theory in sociology, criminology, criminal justice, and law enforcement.

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A handy reference for students, professionals, and anyone interested in criminal justice and criminology, The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice is an excellent, wide-ranging resource with clear definitions for over 2,000 key criminal justice terms. Often going beyond simple definitions, the dictionary presents and explains common misperceptions for selected entries.

The concise definitions of terms will be easily accessible to a wide audience3/4 from students in introductory courses to professionals looking to brush up on key terms. Some of the topics covered in entries include: abduction, cycle of violence, eyewitness testimony, facial reconstruction, habeas corpus, La Cosa Nostra, Nuremberg Principle, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), typology, Walker spy ring, and zoophilia.

Features/BenefitsOver 2,000 entries A complete, current definition of the term A discussion of common misconceptions or controversies surrounding the term A cross-reference to other entries in the dictionary

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