PDF Angel's Blade (Angel Shifters #3): PDF

by Erin M. Leaf

Nathaniel doesn’t want to go Castle Archangel: he’s half-human and can’t fly like the rest of his clan. Even worse, he likes guys and he’s not exactly white. That makes him an interspecies outcast, but he wants to please his dad. Once there, he meets Zeke, the angels’ sexy weapons master. Sadly, Zeke is straight and Nathaniel doesn’t hit on men he can’t have.

When Zeke meets Nathaniel, his gut tells him he’s met his mate, but he’s never been attracted to a guy before. Despite Nathaniel’s wariness and his own fear, Zeke can’t help claiming him when instinct takes over.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel isn’t ready to bond, not even when their connection sparks dormant angelic powers. However, when Zeke flies into danger, Nathaniel follows. Demons stalk their people and it will take every angel who can wield a blade to fight the evil that lurks in unexpected places.

Be Warned: m/m sex

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PDF Angel's Blade (Angel Shifters #3)

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