PDF Windows NT (Dummies 101 Series): PDF

by Andy Rathbone

Windows NT may be a master at letting far-spread computers talk to each other, but it lacks grace when talking to the person sitting right in front of it. Whether you need to learn Windows NT for the office, school, or a fast-paced home, Dummies 101: Windows NT guides you through the ins and outs so that you emerge with the knowledge and experience you need to work like a pro.

Inside, get the information you need now:

Find out all the basics of Windows NT with the 18 units in this book Explore your network with Network Neighborhood Assess and reinforce your knowledge with informative summaries and fun tests Learn about My Computer and Explorer to launch programs and work with files Master the most important features of Windows NT and take the guesswork out of working with a new operating system Surf the office intranet or the Internet with Explorer

Don't forget:

After you've taught yourself the basics with this easy-to-use tutorial, look for IDG Books Worldwide's Windows NT® 4 For Dummies®, the perfect reference to keep by your side, and Windows NT® 4 For Dummies® Quick Reference, the quick and easy way to look up tasks and commands alphabetically!

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PDF Windows NT (Dummies 101 Series)

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