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by Stan Thomas

When a black law professor agrees to defend a racist murderer, the stakes are higher than a mere guilty verdict... When Mitchell Dove is murdered and dismembered, his vicious killing tears open far-too-recent wounds and sends a shock wave throughout Black communities across the United States struggling to find their place. Professor of law Phil Dennison agrees to defend the white man on trial for killing Dove, who was the first African American CEO of the world's largest oil company—a promising and rising star in the corporate world. Trying to save the murderer John Robert Holloway, Professor Dennison finds himself the focus of national attention and stuck between the law and his community. Even Dennison's fianci, federal prosecutor Alicia Bloom, thinks he's crazy until he lets her in on the monumental opportunity he sees in this case: setting a legal precedent so fundamental that it could truly and finally give real teeth to the country's hate crime laws. As they work to acquit this racist monster, their sights are set on the real monsters, the people who created "John Bob." Where does intolerance come from? Who creates hate? How do human beings become racist murderers? Human Wrongs is a fast-paced, richly detailed, intriguing novel that shines a brilliant and unsparing light on the causes of racism, hatred and intolerance. Yet another gruesome murder, in a long and demoralizing line of tragedies and brutalities suffered by the American Black community, is the backdrop for a story that seeks to show how deeply runs the vein that perpetuates Human Wrongs.

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