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by Olivia Ruin

Lindsey came in on an off-day to have the Olympic training facility to herself. Dressed in her skimpiest workout gear, she is caught off-guard when three men from the swimming team show up. Her state of dress combined with hard, athletic bodies in an otherwise empty gym create a situation rife with thick sexual tension. When she can't resist showing off, things get heated in a hurry!

This erotic short story contains scenes of extremely explicit sex, including double penetration and a gangbang. Only for 18+

I took the plates off my bar and made my way over to the benches while Michael continued with his squats. On his rest sets he made a big show of walking around his area and stretching, but I knew that his eyes followed me as I set out loading the bar and began benching it. As a woman, it was more challenging than the squats were, and I didn’t add too much to the bar.

Once I was warmed up, I added just a touch more, and waved to get Michael’s attention. “Mind spotting me over here?”

He eagerly ran over, and I laid down on the bench to get ready for my set. Michael took position behind my head, and from where I was lying I could see the bulge in his gym shorts. In fact, it pushed the material far enough out that I was almost able to look up the leg of his shorts.

When I took the bar off the rack, I looked past the bar and saw that Michael, while pretending to look at the bar and with his fingers out to assist if necessary, had his eyes locked on my chest and occasionally ran up to look at my taut stomach and where my shorts that may have well been underwear were barely hiding what was underneath.

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