PDF The Desperate Dwarf (Grim and Grimmer, #3): PDF

by Ian Irvine

It’s not easy to be a hero when your bum is the size of an airship and you’re bobbing around the ceiling, mocked by a host of angry dwarves.

Mellie has stolen the unluckiest charm in Wychwold and can’t get rid of it. Pook, who has an insane plan to rescue the Collected children, is demanding Ike’s help. The demons Nuckl, Spleen and Tonsil are after Ike’s innards. And the Fey Queen, Emajicka, is coming to tear his worst nightmare out of him.

Only Ike can save Grimmery now. But first he has to win a contest with a lying, cheating scoundrel – the desperate dwarf, Con Glomryt.

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"Entertainingly written in an energetic, descriptive style. An extraordinary fantasy world. Fast and furious and very funny." Reading Time.

"Irvine has great fun creating his world . Funny and fast-paced, Ike's story reads briskly, leaved with a little horror and a dash of scatological humour. A fun adventure for upper-primary readers. Recommended." Bookseller and Publisher.

"The funniest horror story you'll read in a long while - Ian Irvine is a master of fantasy and this is the best yet." Good Reading.

"I gasped and laughed my way through these three books. Not only are they full of gross bits that boys in particular love, they are action packed and have flawed but likeable characters. Children aged 10+ who love action and humour won't be able to put these books down." Dee White, Kids' Book Capers.

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  • The Desperate Dwarf (Grim and Grimmer, #3): PDF
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PDF The Desperate Dwarf (Grim and Grimmer, #3)

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