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by Thomas K. Adamson

Fiction or Non-Fiction? The CIP says 523.3, but in my library, this book will be found in the picture book section. Why? First of all, the girl shown in the book is not a real person. Second, the illustrations are a combination of fact and fiction (more imaginative). And, although the back matter includes important facts young readers may find interesting, I doubt they will be using this book for moon research.
The illustrations are wonderfully imaginative, and youngsters could easily see themselves in her shoes, or rather, space suit, as they go for the easy slam dunk!
I do wonder about the sentence, “And you can hear the drums.” What drums? From where did that comment come? I don’t find any previous reference, other than “No sound…No music either.” Using drums was a little awkward.
Page 21 gives facts, but the illustration on that page showing our solar system does not match. There is a satellite, and apparently it is the one described in the text, but that is not clear. Students may need guidance to figure that out. I also wonder if this is what that orbiter looks like.

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