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by Athena S. Leoussi

Tauris Guides to International Relations series:
This new series provides scholars, students and practitioners with an essential resource to the field of contemporary industrial relations. Each set is devoted to a core area of international relations and brings together the most important articles around that theme. There is a general introduction to each set together with individual introductions setting each article in context.

This 4-volume set offers a carefully selected anthology of the most important theoretical and empirical literature in the field. It includes translations of little-known but major texts on nationality and nationalism from German and French sources and articles devoted to individual cases of nationality/nationalism in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Geographical coverage includes material drawn from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Russia, and other countries. A particular innovation is the consideration given to the Arts-visual, musical, and literary, in the expression and crystallization of national consciousness and national self-definitions. Materials are drawn from both the social sciences and the humanities and include primary documents, secondary analytical texts, and previously untranslated material. This set will be indispensable to scholars and students in politics and international relations, law, geography, sociology, history.

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