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by Yukinobu Hoshino

This is the first volume of manga artist Yukinobu Hoshino's three part science fiction masterpiece 2001 Nights.

In the trilogy Hoshino describes mankind's discovery of a near lightspeed anti matter propulsion system, an almost unlimited source for antimatter, and the decades long spread of mankind into the galaxy. The trilogy is a collection of short stories in manga format, some long and some short.

The stories center on different characters, the daughter of the genius physicist who designs the anti matter drive and is the test pilot on the first ship to try out the new drive, to various explorers reaching into the unknown, scientists and colonists, to the lone artificial intelligence left behind in the stars when faster spaceships overtake it.

Some stories deal with the eternal conundrums of love and romance, others with discovery and what happens when mankind lands on uncharted and unknown planets. Some stories show how merciless physical and cosmological laws make planets inhabitable or uninhabitable for mankind, and mankind's reaction and ability to deal with this knowledge.

Real science and hard science fiction are the basis for all the stories, but Hoshino also has an uncanny ability to describe the human condition and transpose it to the science fiction setting.

The stories pack quite a punch as they do not always end happily, some downright horribly, and grow darker towards the end of the story cycle. This is in surprising contrast to the beautiful optimism and determination to solve the human and technological hurdles to mankind's spread into space at the start of the cycle.

The art work is very realistic (forget manga saucer eyes and large heads) and technologically very detailed.

At the end of the trilogy Hoshino arrives at a surprising conclusion about humanity's endeavor and ability to go into deep space. But his conclusion may be the most realistic and correct, after all.

This is nothing short of a very impressive body of work with super realistic artwork and strict adherence to real science, plus masterful storytelling. I have not seen anything like this in manga or in SF literature.

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PDF 2001 Nights (2001 Nights Trilogy, #1)

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