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by Tamela Hancock Murray

Lady Dorothea Witherspoon is desperate. After her mother died, her heartbroken father squandered the family fortune on gambling, leaving Dorothea destitute. As a last resort, she visits a distant cousin to ask for ten thousand pounds so she can avoid debtor's prison. Lord Stratford Brunswich is taken by Lady Witherspoon's beauty and nature, but it's Lord Hopewell-Smithers who presents himself as Dorothea's knight in shining armor when he offers to pay her debt in full. Only Dorothea doesn't know that his proposal comes at a great price. Stratford knows of the treacherous game Smithers is playing, but can he expose Smithers and rescue Dorothea, the woman he has grown to love, before it's too late? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

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