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by Paul Garrison

The previous novels of Paul Garrison — "Red Sky at Morning" and "Fire and Ice"— have received resounding critical acclaim, elevating the author to the top ranks of contemporary thriller writers. Now his position is powerfully confirmed with an electrifying tale of adventure and danger thousands of miles from civilization and safety.BURIED AT SEAJim Leighton is young, fit, and hungry for excitement — and his dream of adventure is coming true, now that he's been hired as a deckhand and personal trainer to a wealthy investment banker and setting sail for Rio de Janiero aboard the luxury yacht "Hustle."But Jim's enigmatic employer is not what he seems. With all his money, charm, and seafaring tales, Will Sparks is a man who's guarding a terrifying, potentially lethal secret. And in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Sparks makes a startling announcement: They are changing course for Africa because someone is pursuing them. Someone who wants them dead.With no previous sailing experience — far from the sanctuary of land and in the company of a stranger who is possibly delusional and certainly dangerous — Jim is suddenly trapped in a harrowing race for survival across the vast waters of the globe, fleeing a faceless threat that inexplicably knows where they are and where they are going. And when destiny places him alone at the helm, Jim's options are reduced to two: sail or die, because the terror that is relentlessly approaching at breakneck speed will not be shaken off or deterred — nor will it rest until "Hustle" and Jim Leighton both lie broken and lifeless on the ocean floor.A novel of nonstop action and unremitting suspense, Paul Garrison's unparalleled thriller brilliantly combinesthe magnificence and mercilessness of the natural water world with the darkest nature of man and the nightmare of modern technology. An intense and enthralling reading experience, it will surely stand with the great classics of sea adventure.

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