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by Glenda Galvan

In Chikasha Stories, Volume One: Shared Spirit, Chickasaw storyteller and tribal elder Glenda Galvan first shared some of her favorite stories with the world. Each story is illuminated with original illustrations, inspired by tribal history and culture, by renowned Chickasaw artist Jeannie Barbour. In Chikasha Stories, Volume Two: Shared Voices, Galvan and Barbour continued the storytelling tradition so vital to Chickasaw culture.

Now with Chikasha Stories, Volume Three: Shared Wisdom, Galvan and Barbour complete their invaluable series. Guaranteed to delight readers young and old, these stories—told in both Chickasaw and English—serve as a valuable introduction to the Chickasaw language. Shared Wisdom also highlights the value placed on storytellers and reveals why their role is so honored in the Chickasaw Nation.

The first book in the series, Chikasha Stories, Volume One: Shared Spirit won the 2012 Oklahoma Book Award in the Children’s Book category. Chickasaw Press published the second volume, Chikasha Stories, Volume Two: Shared Voices, in 2012.

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