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by Nicole Edwards

"Threesomes." Logan stated flatly.

Luke damn near choked and he hadn't even taken a drink. "Threesomes?"

"Yes. Let's toast to threesomes. May every man be lucky enough to watch the pleasure another man can bring his woman."

"Frequently and in every possible position." Luke added before clinking his glass with Logan's and tossing back the amber liquid.


I if my mathematical calculations are correct, 1 + 1 + 1 = HOT!

Temptation by Nicole Edwards is the second book in her Club Destiny series and it is yet another EXPLOSIVE and SEXUALLY CHARGED book she is delivering.


Now to meet the major players.....




Luke appears in book one as Logan's twin brother who often acted as a third in Logan's sexual encounters with other woman; however, after a no holds barred night of passion between Logan, Sam, Luke and Cole, Luke takes off for a couple of months not being able to deal with his loss of control when it came to Cole.Logan, being the nosey and meddlesome brother that he is, decides to take his brother's obvious retreat and crankiness into his own hands and sets up his twin with Sierra Sellers.Sierra happens to be the daughter of an administrative assistant who works for XTX, the same company Logan works for.Luke takes one look at Sierra and there is an instant reaction on both their parts so now he finds himself going to a conference in Las Vegas with Sierra.Another person who will also be attending the conference as a representative of CISS is Cole, the one man who Luke has yet to face since that intense night two months prior.What a recipe for some serious deliciousness, no?

Cole met Sierra at Club Destiny the same day Luke did.Like Luke, he has also somewhat retreated for the last couple of months and he is also instantly attracted to the petite and feisty woman. Upon all three arriving in Vegas, Luke takes control of the situation and sets them up with three rooms close together in the same hotel.Luke knows he should stay away from both Sierra and Cole but is lacking the control and desire to do so.The three share some hot and passionate nights in Vegas leaving Luke once again running from what he is feeling for Cole and now Sierra.What follows is all three individuals struggling in their own way with their feelings and the dynamics of their unconventional three-way relationship.Can they make this work in the long run?

Luke is mysterious, stubborn, contrary and ominous. He is most definitely a dominant and needs to be in control.He is absolutely scared to death of his developing feelings for both Cole and Sierra as he feels like his is spiraling out of control.I really did understand his struggle, most specifically how Luke had a hard time coming to grips with his feelings for Cole.Luke had never been with another man until Cole.There is something about the man that sets Luke on fire and leaves him barely hanging on.

I absolutely loved Cole. He too has been struggling with what has happened between him and Luke.After the explosive foursome occurred and Luke ran, Cole had no idea how to deal. He found himself developing some very strong emotions for the man who took off scared. Cole is strong and aggressive by nature and he somehow discovers that he loves being forced to submit to the dominant alpha that Luke is. He reluctantly submits to Luke and this gives Luke something that he craves as well, an aggressive submissive he can be fierce with.Um....YUM!

Sierra was a fantastic heroine.It was not be easy for her to fall for not one but two extremely larger than life sexy males.Sierra has known what she wanted in her sexual life for quite some time but has found no one to help her fantasies come to life.Her one attempt at marriage eleven years prior, led her to discovering that her sexual needs are different and after divorcing from her husband she is not willing to settle.I loved the fact that Sierra was feisty and even though she submitted to Luke, she did so with some fire coming forth.Despite her sexual inexperience, she held her own when it came to the sexual encounters between herself, Luke and Cole.

Once again, Nicole Edwards has delivered when it comes to the hot and steamy sex scenes in this book.Holy hotness!


I am discovering that Ms. Edwards can write smexy!And, she does this well.The scenes involving all three were beyond heated.Be prepared my friends.I don't know, have the hubbie on hand, or a fan, or take a cold shower....you get the gist.

Temptation is a great installment to what is turning out to be a pretty wonderful series.Ms. Edwards has written a tale about three people who find one another, push past societal boundaries and their own and ultimately find a HEA with one another. I am looking forward to reading more books in the Club Destiny series as so many characters have intrigued me.I just need to make sure I read these books when the hubbie is on hand.Wink, wink!

Favourite Quotes:

”He wanted to worship her body until she was ruined for any other man until she knew with every breath she took just how much he wanted her.”


"I'm not some little boy you can toy with or one that you can tease with your so called needs. In case my brother didn't tell you, I'm the real deal. I don't have any qualms about stripping you naked right here in this seat and burying my face between your legs until you scream my name. You might want to think this one through because until now, until me, you haven't met the man who will make you own up to those fantasies of yours."


Either way, Luke felt something stronger than mere physical, sexual attraction when he looked at Sierra. And if he had anything to say about it, after the next four days, either the two of them would walk away from one another, the time spent together just a pleasant memory, or they would move forward.


"This won't be over, Luke. I'll tell you right now. What's going on between us, the three of us, this doesn't fucking happen every day."


"You own me," Cole continued, his voice lowering, "you own every fucking part of me and I won't back off this time. From you or from Sierra. Don't make me."


"I need you to love me, Cole."...... "Always, Sierra."


"It's always been about you." Defeat tinged Cole's words and Luke felt a hard tug on his heart.


"I don't want anything from you." The terse words were loud in the silence of her house. "I only want you." Turning to face Cole, Sierra caught the tortured expression moments before he masked it. "And I want you too. Heaven help me, I love both of you and this is killing me."

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