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by Steve Copland

Mary Magdalene was a woman whose life circumstances led her from demonic possession and prostitution to being the first witness of the greatest event in world history. In an attempt to reconstruct her life, this novel demonstrates her struggle as she confronts the patriarchal traditions embedded in first century culture, the hypocritical practice of condemning only one gender in adultery, her transformation as she finds grace, freedom and real love in her encounter with Christ, and her being chosen as ‘the apostle to the apostles’.

This novel takes the reader into the first century. It delves into the personal lives of lepers, cripples and the sight impaired; it goes on a journey from the battlefields of ancient Germania to Jerusalem with two Roman soldiers who end up initiated into the cult of Mithraism; it explores the fears, prejudices and arrogance of the religious rulers of Israel, and the ambitions of Judas Iscariot; it portrays the everyday struggles of first century people in an occupied land; it looks behind the scenes at a woman who is seduced into committing adultery and used to test Jesus, and brings them all together beneath the cross of Jesus Christ.

Mary Magdalene also answers a question which is so important to the church today: ‘Why would Christ choose this woman to be the first witness of the resurrection in a culture that considered a woman’s testimony all but useless?’ The answer lies in the parable Jesus told to Simon when a sinful woman was kissing His feet. The depth of her love was measured by her gratitude. In her incredible humility, she entered her enemy’s home and in front of hundreds who despised her, she sought be made clean, to receive forgiveness and to know holy love.

This book seeks to entertain, enlighten and encourage Christians of all denominations, and to call them to the kind of love that Mary had for Christ. It is powerfully emotional, deeply theological, and highly entertaining.

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PDF Mary Magdalene (1st Century Trilogy)

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