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by Raj Pandya

This autobiographical journey is a multi-dimensioned narrative encompassing a number of distinct though interwoven themes. It is a coming of age story of a boy (Raj) from an obscure small town in India born and raised in an orthodox Hindu family. It is a love story that spans distant continents and different cultures. It is a story of a mixed race and cross-cultural marriage played out in the East and the West. It is a commentary about the history and culture of the people and places the protagonist encounters over the journey and the times he lives through. Finally, it is the story of a well-educated man who is frustrated and disheartened because he is unable to find professional fulfillment in his country of birth, and reluctantly looks to the West for better opportunities, where he finally succeeds in salvaging his moribund professional career and in earning the recognition he deserves. The narrative would tickle the imagination of readers; it would enhance their understanding of diverse cultures and it would nudge them to empathize with the protagonist’s dilemmas as he navigates through the social and cultural landscapes of the East and the West.

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