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by Judith Rossner

This is one of my favorite books.It's out of print but if you can find it, I swear it is well worth reading.I've read it probably 5 times or more. I've given copies of this book to all my friends over the years. My son found a copy of it for me a few years ago and I wouldn't let it go for anything in the world.I love this book. This story touches me in so many ways.It's funny and emotional.Nadine wants so much from her relationship with the twins - she's obsessed with the twins.She talks her best friend into meeting them and they end up getting married, the four of them in a marriage - the twins being attached at the waist, and all.And what was wonderful for Nadine before the marriage becomes a burden.Dianne imposes sexual limitations on the four of them and the intense feelings Nadine had prior to the marriage become suppressed.They have children and move to Maine where the men open a car repair shop, Diane works as a lawyer and Nadine takes care of all of them.Then the twins get separated and they find that separate lives are not what they thought it would be.Nadine comes to realize that she thought she loved the men when they were joined, when they were freaks, but finds that may not have been true, even then.

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