PDF Y2K Survival Kit for AS/400 Programers: PDF

by Ted Holt

With the millennium fast approaching, you need solutions and you need them
now.Author Ted Holt takes the RPG programmer through the details of the
problem and shows, with real code, how to fix the century-date problems.
This book helps you categorize the kinds of problems you might have and
then follows with examples of how to fix the problems.The author covers
windowing, sorting, dating, arithmetic, access paths, OPNQRYF, and even
Query/400.He shows you how to make two digit dates span the millennia in
old S/36 applications (including #GSORT and FMTDTA), shows you encoding
techniques to make six bytes hold more information, and gives pointers as
to how you can make the quick fix and still prepare for a transition to
date data types.There is a powerful chapter on testing-probably the most
important part of the Y2K project-that provides tested, ready-to-run code
that can be integrated into existing software through external calls.
This book is for all AS/400 programmers who cannot afford or justify the
use of expensive Y2K conversion software, as well as for those who have
used a conversion tool but are faced with problems it cannot fix.Even if
you think your show is ready for Y2K,Y2K Survival Kit for AS/400
Programmers deserves a place in your library as good insurance to have on
hand.When miscellaneous problems pop up, you'll be ready with a quick
solution.This is the essential Y2K book to have on your desktop-not only
as you prepare your applications for Y2K, but also as you move into the
early months of 2000. Don't be without it!(Level: Novice, Intermediate,

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