PDF Playbook for Christian Manhood: PDF

by James C. Perkins

Pastor and founder of the Benjamin E. Mays Male Academy, Rev. Dr. James C. Perkins knows the early tween and teen years are a critical time in life, for African American boys. That's why he has constructed a game plan that supplies 12 essential plays for becoming a man of integrity and godly character.

Rev. Perkins offers these young men: A training camp for life's key "plays," including identity, purpose, education and spirituality, Practical approaches to financial responsibility, relationships, sexuality, social responsibility, and leadership, An engaging, easy-to-read playbook format that offers basic formation, blocking and pass strategies, and a clear view of the goal line!

Makes a great gift for the milestone of 8th grade graduation! Also ideal for use in youth organizations, Christian schools, and the church school setting for boys ages 11-15.

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