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by Carolyn Greene

When she was in the first grade, Carolyn Greene got hit in the head by a kickball. She was only unconscious for a few minutes, but that was long enough for her to enter a vivid dream featuring herself as the star of an action adventure tale. Carolyn enjoyed the dream so much, she became annoyed when the teacher shook her awake and helped her up off the playground.

In second grade, the comment on her report card read, "Carolyn writes nice stories." Since then, writing fiction has been her way of escaping into an exciting, dramatic dream world. While a young girl, one of her favorite ways of finding that escape was by reading Walter Farley's Black Stallion and Island Stallion books.

After graduating high school, she followed conventional advice and earned a degree in business administration. It seemed the logical thing to do since the want ads never had any listings for professional daydreamers. Drifting from one secretarial position to another, she tried to find job satisfaction, but it eluded her while working at the electric company, a catalog sales center, a juvenile detention center, and a men's maximum-security prison.

It was during a career-planning meeting at the prison where she worked that Carolyn finally acknowledged her heart's true desire: to write a novel. The guards and administrative staff laughed at her aspirations, but the next day a co-worker brought her a grocery bag stuffed full of Harlequin and Silhouette romances and encouraged her to try to write one. Carolyn was hooked by the first chapter of the first book she read, and immediately set out to write her own story using a familiar, though not necessarily romantic, setting.

Fortunately for readers everywhere, Prisoner of Love never sold. But she persevered, and 10 years later her first book was published, under a pseudonym, by Silhouette Romance. Kiss of Bliss, featuring a miniature horse as a comical secondary character, was her tribute to the enjoyment she'd found in Walter Farley's books.

Currently, Carolyn writes full-time in her basement office, the room commonly referred to as the Dungeon. She has a daughter in college and a son in high school. Neither child has expressed an interest in pursuing a writing career, but that's okay since they both manage to provide her with plenty of ideas for stories.

Her husband, a fire chief, also provides plenty of inspiration. In fact, he and Carolyn are a perfect example of "opposites attract." She's the easygoing one, approaching life in a scattered sort of way; he's hard-driven and logical. Her most famous ancestor burned Atlanta during the Civil War; his most famous ancestor — a Richmond, Virginia, fire chief — died in the line of duty just before World War I. As Carolyn often teases her husband, she lights fires and he puts them out.

In her spare time, Carolyn plays with the family's two dogs and two parakeets and watches romantic comedy movies (research, you know). Or she just zones out and stares through the window until someone snaps their fingers and brings her back to the real world.

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